The Poetics of Grime is a blog exploring the poetic significance of grime lyricism through interviews, articles, and close reading. The site was founded and is edited by Kayo Chingonyi

Man Like D.S. Marriott

When I started this project I was looking to shed light on a connection in contemporary culture between black musical and literary production. My specific focus on grime has to do with the lineage of grime, how it references and riffs on the history of black music in the UK. I also think that grime heralds new possibilities for poetic expression because so many grime lyrics use meter and rhyme in ways that are extraordinarily complex.

I'm always delighted to find others making this connection between grime and poetry and so I draw your attention to D.S. Marriott who has written a poem referencing what is perhaps the definitive grime instrumental, Wiley's Eskimo. You can read D.S. Marriott's poem over at Intercapillary Space.

New Poem, Winter Song, on BBC Radio 4

The Poetics of Grime @ The ICA - March 16th 2016